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Baby Bites

Winner of a 2008 iparenting Media Award!

If you have a newborn or a baby on the way, this is your one stop resource for everything having to do with feeding babies and toddlers.

In nutshell you’ll find:

  • Practical breastfeeding advice and how to solve common challenges
  • Making sense of the formula aisle
  • Making sense of the output — gas, spit-up and poop
  • Nutrition 101 for babies
  • Food safety for babies
  • The most up-to-date advice about preventing food allergies
  • How and when to start solids
  • How to make your own baby food
  • Recipes and menus for babies and toddlers up to three
  • How to handle picky eaters
  • How to prevent childhood obesity at every age

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Winner of a 2008 iparenting Media Award!

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Early Praise for Baby Bites:

Baby Bites should be every parents' childhood nutrition manual. It's chock full of information and practical tips, from breastfeeding to sneaky ways to get toddlers to eat vegetables. Healthy eating habits start in infancy — start reading it now!" -- Ari Brown, MD, FAAP, pediatrician, mom, and co-author of Baby 411 and Toddler 411 and regular expert on "Dr. Phil."


"As a pediatrician and childhood obesity prevention advocate, I applaud Bridget Swinney's comprehensive, practical, and well-organized approach to how we feed our babies in the first few years of life. Baby Bites is scientifically sound and is an EXCELLENT resource for virtually any question you might have about how to feed your baby". -- Barbara W. Huggins, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler


Easy to read and authoritative, Baby Bites gives parents all the tools they need to start their little ones on the path to healthy eating." -- Ellie Krieger, MS, RD, Host of Food Network's Healthy Appetite and author of Small Changes, Big Results


Baby Bites is a book that any new or expectant parent needs on their shelf to guide them through the early years of feeding baby. Filled with tips, recipes and sound food and nutrition information, Baby Bites will go far in helping parents create successful feeding in the early years, and foster a connection to good eating and good health in the later years. -- Maggie Green, RD, CC, Editor, 75th Anniversary Edition of The Joy of Cooking


“I'm buying a copy of Baby Bites for all of my new-mom friends and family. Baby Bites is the operating manual for feeding that every new parent needs! Filled with practical information about every phase of feeding babies and toddlers, it answers the questions parents have about how to make sure their children get the best nutrition to grow and thrive. From breastfeeding advice to packing a preschool lunch, Baby Bites has it all.” -- Connie Evers, MS, RD, author of Good for You! (©2006, Disney Learning) and How to Teach Nutrition to Kids (©2006, 24 Carrot Press).

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